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Dear Shoot The Hills Photography Enthusiasts:

We feel so fortunate to have a group of people like you with such enthusiasm, who share out love for the Hocking Hills State Park and all its beauty. Thank you!

As most of you are aware, we lost our beautiful Hocking Hills Dining Lodge to a devastating fire in December 2016. Which has deeply impacted many people from employees, to locals, tourists, and surrounding businesses alike. Additionally, it has affected the many programs that relied on this wonderful gathering place. Rest assured, a new lodge will be built!

The site of the former lodge has been cleared. And, the State of Ohio has announced the former lodge and dining facility will be replaced with an updated facility that will include overnight lodging, a conference center, dining and day-use accommodations on the same site.

This has caused the Friends of Hocking Hills State Park (FHHSP) organization to make some hard decisions. Unfortunately, without the proper facility and other necessary support to hold an event worthy of your participation, FHHSP has voted to suspend Shoot The Hills while the new lodge is being constructed, and plans to resume the event when construction is completed.

At this time a completion date has not been announced.

It is our hope that we will be back bigger and better than before and with a state-of-the-art facility to host in!

We trust you will understand and will remain passionate about the Hocking Hills and Shoot The Hills, and dive back in when the Shoot The Hills event returns. As always, we welcome your input and believe the new lodge will provide an amazing event experience in the near future.

Keep snapping and stay in touch!

Friends of Hocking Hills State Park