Hemlock Bridge Trail and Whispering Cave Trail

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These are the first new trails to open in several decades.

Combined, the trails are 1.2-miles. While Hemlock Bridge Trail is a renovated trail, Whispering Cave Trail carves a completely new .2-mile path through the Hocking Hills region.

With massive sandstone cliffs, a towering waterfall and a swinging bridge, the Hemlock Bridge Trail and Whispering Cave Trail is an Ohio adventure you simply have to take. The Hemlock Bridge Trail leads to the Whispering Cave trail. Whispering Cave is a large shelter cave which spans 300 feet across and features a 105 ft. intermittent waterfall that spills over the rim of the cave into the stream below. The trail also features towering Black Hand Sandstone cliffs Hocking Hills explorers know and love and a swinging bridge that will bring out your sense of adventure.

Hiking beneath the sandstone cliffs on the Whispering Cave Trail, it is impossible not to notice the surrounding forest and wildlife that has remained a secluded part of Ohio, until now. The dense tree coverage and new flowers that reside in this section are ready to impress new hikers. Be sure to take your time on these trails to notice and appreciate how the green trees and moss provide an earthy compliment to the rustic oranges of the cliff sides.

The Hemlock Bridge Trail connects to trails that lead to Old Man's Cave and Cedar Falls.


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Hemlock Bridge Trail and Whispering Caves